Prior to joining National Urban Fellows, Tamara Chance spent ten years within the New York City Department of Education. Her primary focus during these years was teaching English Language Arts to students with disabilities in grades seven through twelve. Her role as a teacher was intertwined with that of a department leader as well as a staff and student mentor. Tamara’s goal was to help all students attain academic and personal success inside and outside of the classroom. 

Tamara’s leadership responsibilities outside of the classroom included those of a Special Education Coordinator, Transition Coordinator, Special Education Teacher of Support Services, Curriculum Developer, and a state reporter of child welfare.  Her role as teacher did not end with children.  In 2010, she became an adjunct professor at Long Island University’s Graduate School of Teaching and Learning. Here, she taught the diverse strategies used to educate students with disabilities as well as methods for creating curriculums that serve their multiple needs.

Today Tamara is building a path where she can connect her past experiences in education with her future goal of working in local, state, or federal government offices of education.  She plans to combine her experiences as an educator and the knowledge she will acquire as  National Urban Fellow to transform into a leader able to influence education policies at the local, state and national levels.