Rachel Mosbacher is honored to be a part of the National Urban Fellows class of 2016. Born and raised in New York City, she has spent the last six years working to end the city and nation's high school dropout crisis with City Year, a national non-profit with the mission of bridging the social, emotional and academic gap that exists in high-need communities across 25 US cities, England and South Africa.

After serving two incredible and demanding years as an AmeriCorps Member at a low-performing public school in East Harlem, Rachel was hired onto City Year's staff as a Program Manager and two years later was promoted to the School Partnerships Director role. It was her dedication to understanding what promotes strength and excellence in individuals and teams that allowed Rachel to rise through the ranks at City Year New York to ultimately be responsible for the success of the entire field-based staff, the 4,000 students served by City Year New York’s workforce, and the interfacing of the Program Department with other departments to make the work possible. As a director, she oversaw the training, management, partnership and impact of City Year New York's 300 AmeriCorps Members serving full time in 24 elementary, middle and high schools across New York City, as well as the $80,000 budget that allowed them to successfully complete this work.

Through her experience as a National Urban Fellow, Rachel looks forward to developing creative and analytical skills that will enhance her effectiveness as a leader across disciplines and prepare her to lead or found her own organization to support communities and populations in need.