Almost six years ago Peter decided to take the biggest leap in his life. He was working as a Brand Experience Logistic Expert at the biggest Gap Inc. flagship store located on 42nd Street, Time Square. Bogged down with stress, Peter ended up hospitalized for stress-related heart palpations, which was the impetus that led him to think about his passion for working with youth with similar backgrounds to his own.

In the South Bronx, where he was born and raised, it was very difficult to find programs that served youth and provided them with professional development, career opportunities and college readiness. Living in a single income household, Peter’s parents wanted him and his four other siblings to have access to programs that would keep them away from risky behaviors, such as drugs, gangs and violence. He and his siblings become members of the Police Athletic League (PAL); however, outside of this program, there were few others to be found.

As the program grew, so did Peter. During his time with the GCD Program, he was promoted twice to Senior Program Specialist. In this role, Peter oversees the entire certification process, ranging from clinical training and assessments for sophomores to a 98% pass rate for the Certified Nursing Assistant program.

He also implemented an alumni program, which now receives its own separate funding, to keep in touch with over 387 alumni, 92% of which are in college.
In 2004, Peter graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Monroe College in the Bronx.

Working in a non-profit organization helped Peter to realize his passion in creating opportunities and resources that are not readily available to a disenfranchised population. He is proud of the work he has accomplished at the GCD Program and is excited to just bring his passion and experience to the National Urban Fellows and also gain more knowledge on how to establish more resources to the underserved populations of both the youth and elderly.