Prior to joining the National Urban Fellows, Ms. Batista was the Social Services Coordinator at New Immigrant Community Empowerment in her hometown of Jackson Heights, New York.  In her role as the Social Services Coordinator in one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the nation, Ms. Batista developed programming and monthly educational workshops, recruited and trained ESOL teachers, coordinated the ESOL through Civic Literacy courses, and managed individual casework for the undocumented and heavily marginalized immigrant community of Western Queens.

Ms. Batista is no stranger to fellowships as her career in the nonprofit sector began as the Program Operations Fellow for Common Cents New York, Inc. As the Program Operations Fellow, Ms. Batista managed and coordinated the inflow and outflow of all materials amongst all five boroughs for the 850 New York City public schools participating in the Penny Harvest program. Under Ms. Batista’s logistical leadership and drive, 180 tons of pennies or approximately $700,000 from the 850 participating schools were successfully collected and transformed into 1,800 community and service grants for local and international causes selected by New York City children.

Ms. Batista holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Development from Binghamton University. During her time at Binghamton University, she held positions in the Binghamton Scholars Program, the executive board of the Latin American Student Union and graduated Magna Cum-Laude. Originally a mechanical engineering student, Ms. Batista was prompted by the poverty and economic dissolution of the city of Binghamton to analyze the individual, social and structural aspects of community and the roles non profits played in their sustainability.

As diverse as Ms. Batista’s work experience may seem on the surface, the underlying common thread has been the goal of educating, empowering and working with groups whose voices still need to be heard within society. 

Throughout her fellowship, Ms. Batista expects to work amongst professionals dedicated to making tangible change in society and learn how to improve her problem solving skills and strategies.  Upon graduation, Ms. Batista intends to utilize her Master’s of Public Administration degree towards improving the quality of life and empowering marginalized communities.