Prior to becoming a National Urban Fellow, Nathaniel Tutt III led Legislative and Community Affairs for Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Department of Environmental Resources and also served as Community Liaison for Economic Development on behalf of County’s Executive.  He previously worked as a Housing Consultant for 1st Preference Mortgage Corp.,  teaching housing industry professionals about the HUD 203k Rehabilitation program and guiding their efforts to close transactions for homebuyers.

Not long after graduating from Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Nathanial worked managing, growing, and expanding youth enrichment programs for thousands of young people in his community as the Senior District Executive with Boy Scouts of America.  He has been active in every community he has lived in by serving on boards, volunteering, recruiting, and nurturing grassroots and board room-based community action. 

Throughout these diverse work experiences, Nathaniel increasingly appreciated the sense of accomplishment derived from working with complex groups confronting long-standing interracial problems. His capacities to think positively and to engage and energize staff have helped to create a
win-win atmosphere in which many projects have been able to move forward.

Nathaniel plans to continue his leadership role for communities in need by building on his experience as a National Urban Fellow to expand his influence on policy with a focus on community development.