Following the example of many public servants in Madalynn’s personal and professional life, she has volunteered and worked in the service of others from a young age. The most impactful were: House of Charity in Minneapolis, Metro for Girls in Chicago, Pireus Port Authority in Athens, Greece, and New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn.

Madalynn began her true education of social policy while managing a restaurant in Herald Square. Her staff was comprised of single mothers and students who were on the verge of termination due to scheduling conflicts. She developed a schedule that allowed hiring of additional staff members, and existing crew members were able to leave on time to collect to their children and attend classes. She realized that was the most satisfying part of the job, and began to look for new opportunities.

The common vein through Madalynn’s experiences is her strong belief in individual identity and strength. She believes every person has value, and her mission is to spend her life working for anyone who is unable to realize that value. She is honored to be selected as a National Urban Fellow and looks forward to exploring the intersection of government and community-based organizations.