Lindee Lane's career path to public service has not been linear, but she would not be the uncompromising youth advocate that she is today had she not taken a few detours. Her passion is derived from her personal experiences and is inspired by both the investment of her mentors and the young people she has worked with and on behalf of. Lindee began her professional public service journey with the California Coalition for Youth, where her resourceful, adaptable, and inquisitive nature, along with her ability to build relationships across generations and cultures put her on the executive management fast track. Ms. Lane was promoted to Director of Operations within a year, a role that gave her the unique positioning to contribute her extensive business management skills while gaining experience in virtually all areas of non-profit management. During her tenure the organization’s public presence, membership base, program activities, advocacy impact, and structure all underwent growth and strategic development.

Prior to National Urban Fellows, Lindee served in a leadership capacity with the California Youth Empowerment Network, a program of the Mental Health Association in California. In this role, her programmatic and advocacy work inspired and empowered youth affected by various systems of care to have a voice in shaping the policies and programs that impact their lives. In just under a year, Lindee not only contributed extensively to the new strategic vision of the organization, she also developed and implemented multiple projects to meet the objectives of this new plan. Lindee graduated with honors from California State University, Sacramento with her Bachelor’s in History, while maintaining a successful and longstanding management career in the private sector.

Through NUF, Lindee has been placed at the City of Indianapolis - Office of the Mayor's Front Porch Alliance. As part of the Mayor’s planning team, she worked extensively on aligning the City’s work addressing the social disparities and determinants of youth crime and opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color (BMOC), with the federal My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative. She co-coordinated the Indianapolis, MBK Summit and her breadth of work on this project culminated in her capstone which focused on an Indy specific collective impact blueprint to help guide and structure the work of multi-sector leaders and champions as they move forward toward population level change.  She is excited to continue working on issues at the heart of MBK and youth development.

Lindee is honored to have joined National Urban Fellows, to refine her skills as a leader and increase her ability to empower underserved populations to have a voice in the policy decisions that impact them.