Lavinia Lotrean is a passionate consumer advocate with deep experience in transforming the culture of a national institution to become more customer-centric. During her seven-year tenure at Citibank, she worked on a variety of client related issues in the Customer Experience department.  She focused on executing strategic visions for various high visibility initiatives to transform the company into a more client friendly company.  As an organizational agent of change, Lavinia instituted a metric to keep track of customer satisfaction across the footprint of Citibank branches.  She sought to bring policy changes through the implementation of process improvements and elimination of client pain points.

Cultural sensitivity and cooperation were high on Lavinia’s list growing up as an immigrant in the United States.  Born in Serbia and coming of age in the early 1990’s, she witnessed firsthand how easy it is to destroy an economy and fragment collaboration in a people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.  Thus, while obtaining her degree as a Bachelor in Business Administration at Baruch College, Lavinia was passionate about the mission of spreading cultural understanding through student exchange.  She became Executive Vice President of the Baruch College chapter of AIESEC, which enables students to develop useful job skills by matching them with traineeships abroad.    In this capacity, she worked hard to motivate Baruch students to get involved since the intricate operation of student exchange was based solely on student volunteer labor.

Lavinia hopes to use her experience and the knowledge gained as a National Urban Fellow in a consumer watchdog capacity.  She would like to broaden the public’s knowledge and expectations about laws, regulations, and products that affect their lives.  Her goal is to lead efforts which will drive accountability towards the public.