Krystal Hill has committed her life to arts and entertainment for social change, education and healing. An actress, vocalist, writer and designer, she was inspired during college while completing her degrees in Africana Studies and Gender/ Sexuality Studies at NYU. During her academic tenure, she became the program director for lnl, a community organization which cultivates and showcases politically, socially and spiritually charged performative talent. Here, she found the broad-scope artistic fulfillment which led to the founding of Black Family Reunion, connecting performance artists to children from Harlem community centers and created a scholarship for them. After college, she helped create SHINE Movement, a poetry and song performance collective. Harmony Healing Project, NY Love Movement and Journey to Healing Foundation (JTH) are some representations of her commitment to not only exposing the root of social/political  ills but in offering alternative, more progressive means of restoration through the arts. The clinic she designed for JTH Project provided an artistic means for survivors of all types of abuse to find their stolen voices. Through jewelry design,she lead participants down a path of renewal,giving them new access to wholeness and  self-actualization.

A creative innovator, she found the power of self- scripting significantly rewarding and created a body  of political theater work including Reflections, Birds, The Redemptioner and the critically acclaimed Notice Me. Notice Me, an example of courageous introspection of the 4 co-writers, illuminated the oft­ avoided topics of sexual violence, addiction and abuse. This project provided the most widely satisfying moments in her professional life. It marked an eye-opening shift in outlook. She realized the power in connecting the dots between art, social change, healing and politics. She also realized how vital it is to support pertinent artistic endeavors through funding and organizational   alliance.

Other stage credits include For Colored Girls... which she co-directed; Showing Out, dir. Rome Neal; Ebenezer, dir. Arnold Pinnix;;and most recently, Blood Makes the River Run Red, dir. Stephanie Wilson among many others. Her on-camera credits are significant as well and include leading roles in two independent feature films, a web series and recently starred in an upcoming pilot. Berry Lavera, her character on USA's online The 4400, had 13 episodes dedicated to her and Single Hills, a feature in which she is the co-lead, is scheduled for theatrical release later this  year.

Krystal is thrilled to enter the world of service, administration and policy- it is the amalgam of all she is passionate about. Krystal is honored for the opportunity to advance her vision of a healthy, strong and magnificent world through National Urban Fellows.