Justin Price was raised in Aiken, South Carolina and was taught that each generation should strive to do better than the previous generation. Justin believes that being accepted into this prestigious program allows him an opportunity to excel and is proud to be called a National Urban Fellow.

Prior to being selected as a National Urban Fellow, Justin worked as a Deputy Sheriff with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, South Carolina. He held several roles within the Department beginning with overseeing courtroom securing in the Richland County Courthouse to working at their headquarters as a Telephone Reporting System Officer. Justin has also served on teams for local, state, and federally elected officials running for public office.

Additionally, Justin has volunteered his time with community organizations such as the Salvation Army, Center for African American History Art & Culture, Aiken Department of Public Safety, Second Baptist Christian Preparatory School, The United Way, and the City of Aiken Annual Fundraiser Drive. He served as a Big Brother in the community organization Big Brothers Big Sisters and was awarded Big Brother of the Year for his mentoring service to an adolescent youth who had a troubled background.

Justin is a graduate of Savannah State University with a Bachelor’s in Homeland Security & Emergency Management with a minor in Environmental Science. Justin represented Savannah State University in local, state, and national environmental conferences on several projects concerning the Savannah River and health issues in poverty areas in the Savannah District. His work on these projects has been published and presented at numerous conferences.

Justin completed his mentorship with the City of Philadelphia working in the Managing Director’s Office. He was tasked with assisting in recruitment and hiring to build diversity throughout several departments within the City. More specifically, he participated in key stakeholder and executive level meetings to strategize on increasing recruitment efforts in impoverished Philadelphia communities.