Joseph Black, a passionate, forward thinking leader who believes that education and exposure are the primary tools for  instituting systematic change.

Today, Joseph Black serves as the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood Engagement Manager for, the Sisters of Charity Foundation. In this distinct position Joseph is responsible for the engagement of residents, partners, and stakeholders and their insertion into the neighborhoods' cradle to college pipeline. This initiative allows Joseph to drive the work by advocating for equitable opportunities for residents in arenas such as education, employment, housing and health. Specifically Joseph has leveraged partnerships that have resulted in a number of residents assuming leadership positions throughout the community; while other residents have transformed their lives through employment opportunities and access to educational resources.

Prior, Joseph worked as the Youth Program Director at Friendly Inn Settlement House. Joseph brought a multitude of organizations together to address core needs of the youth in the community. Joseph also explored ways to challenge preexisting norms and thus created the neighborhoods' first "Unity Walk," which brought together youth groups from other neighborhoods, crossing boundaries and territories for the sake of safety and unity. Furthermore his passion for youth evolved into the inception of his own mentoring program, Natural Investments which focuses on building youth leaders through a peer to  peer model. The successes of the program can be felt on both a micro and macro levels as Joseph has supported 3 youth in obtaining college scholarships and has many more youth preparing to graduate High School in the near future.

Joseph who is intent on endorsing efficacy, matches his investment in others through his participation in various leadership programs. Joseph is a proud member of the Neighborhood Leadership Development program Cohort 8, Neighborhood Leadership Cleveland Class of 32 and National Urban Fellows Class of 2017. Empowered by his commitment to be a lifelong learner Joseph plans to utilize his Masters of Public Administration to directly influence policies devoted to "at-risk" populations.

Incumbent in his work in the community, is the fact that Joseph is equally committed to his family. Joseph affectionately loves his wife, Amber, and sons Jordan and Isaac to whom he admits keep him motivated and grounded