Joemmy Ramirez is a non-profit management professional with over five years of development and training experience. Prior to joining National Urban Fellows (NUF) she served as the Talent Development Manager at City Year Headquarters where she led over 3,500 volunteer and staff members in performance management, national on-boarding strategy, and “high executive potential” employee programming.

Joemmy began her career with City Year as an AmeriCorps Volunteer Corps Member in Miami, Florida where she led community/corporate partner volunteer events and successfully improved the reading scores of underprivileged children. In her second year with AmeriCorps, Joemmy joined the Year Up headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts where she revamped the national on-boarding process and conducted research that informed the organizational diversity metrics. During this time she was promoted from a Volunteer Corps Member to a permanent staff position.

Joemmy holds a Bachelor’s from Syracuse University and a Certificate of Non-Profit Management from Boston University. She decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration through National Urban Fellows with the goal of understanding how to promote cross-sector collaboration efforts that impact social issues. Aside from her outstanding commitment to the public sector, Joemmy is involved in several local and national service organizations, such as the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston and the Association of Latino Professionals in Accounting and Finance.

Joemmy's mentorship assignment was with the City of Burbank, City Manager’s Office, where she completed a business community asset map that will inform future land development decisions in Burbank.