Jenny Lai is a CFRE accredited nonprofit consultant with over 15 years experience in management and expertise providing visionary leadership to meet business objectives and philanthropic goals.

The day I came home after my first day at my first real job at a publishing firm, I was excited to tell my parents about the air conditioning.  Yes, the air conditioning.  My parents are immigrants who spent  their lives working long hours at menial jobs to provide for a better future for their children. Today over twenty years after that first job, I am proud to say that I am indeed doing what I was meant to do - helping others. Although my parents do not have any idea what it is that I actually do? I have never found the right words to explain the concept of philanthropy.  The concept of charity does not really   exist in Chinese culture.

Lai was previously the vice-president and co-founder of the ESA Foundation representing the computer game industry where she raised over twenty million through projects and special events. I have been privileged to have benefited from the kindness of many individuals in my life who provide what Iwill call the fork  in the road.

Jenny graduated from Bernard Baruch College with a Bachelor of Corporate Communications. She has since gone and completed professional development coursework at CFRE and Harvard Extension. Along the way I worked with many nonprofits and supported worthwhile program supporting children and young adults across the country. I am also an active participant with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Soldiers Angels.

My goals for the next step in my career are to work for larger organizations with missions Ican engage in passionately. A Masters of Public administration through NUF will assist me in achieving my long term goal of leadership and helping many others find their "fork in the road."