Jenny De Leon is a driven, passionate, and optimistic social service professional dedicated to helping those in need. Her own journey has given her an understanding of the many barriers that people face. Jenny's first experience in social services was volunteering at a methadone clinic in Chicago. In doing this work, she felt a sense of calling that motivated her to earn her bachelors in social work.

She was fortunate to find St. Augustine College, a private institution that primarily serves the Hispanic population in Chicago. Jenny values the support and guidance she received at St. Augustine, where she was inspired to maintain a positive outlook and learn with an open   mind.

Over the last eight years, Jenny has worked and volunteered in a wide variety of social service areas, helping people with both psychological and emotional difficulties. Through her professional experience, she has developed her skills in counseling,interpersonal communication, time management and problem-solving. Jenny has used these strengths to help people who struggle with substance abuse, mental illness, homelessness, the aftermath of sexual assault, and the challenges of finding employment after involvement in the criminal justice system.

Jenny has also worked with the LGBTQ population, including persons who are HIV-positive. While Jenny grasps the challenges faced by many, her ultimate goal is to specialize in working with at-risk youth. She believes that they can thrive when they are given the support and care they need and are offered the opportunities to work with mentors who are strong role models.