Jeniece L. Carter brings to the National Urban Fellows program a passion for applied healthcare reform.  Immediately prior to her selection as a National Urban Fellow, she served as the Operations and Compliance Manager at Toothtime Family Dental, a multi-branch private dental practice, with the goal of providing access to optimal dental care for children and families, regardless of their socioeconomic status.    Under her management, Toothtime offices increased their Medicaid and CHIP patient intake to more than 50% of admissions while also achieving annual revenue of $7.5 million. Janiece also successfully established multiple standards for health care information systems by improving proficiency standards in securing adequate health care, provider enrollment, and obtaining patient records. 

Janiece attended Prairie View A&M University for both her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Master’s of Business Administration with a focus on community development. As a facilitator and instructor during her undergraduate and graduate career, she learned the value of clear and effective communication and its importance for any system’s success, whether a classroom of 100 undergraduates or a staff of 25 across multiple offices. After graduation, Janiece worked in the university’s Biology department as a Research Administration Program Assistant, aiding senior staff in managing National Science Foundation-affiliated public health marketing campaigns. She also managed data collection projects and grant applications in this capacity.

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, healthcare in the United States is undergoing its largest transformation in more than eighty years. Janiece’s educational and professional background has provided her a rounded and inclusive perspective of health care as a constantly evolving industry.  As a National Urban Fellow, she hopes to broaden and deepen her scope as a passionate public health advocate with a particular interest in health care reform and health care management.