Devon Hawkins-Anderson is a social impact professional with six years' experience in data-driven consumer and community engagement, including campaign management, brand management and strategy, social media marketing and national and community service. Currently, Devon is breaking new professional ground, coordinating a diverse set of strategic partnerships and cross-sector collaborations for the School District of Philadelphia to address system-level resource disparities in public education. Together with various internal and external stakeholders, Devon is designing an online system to streamline the process of more strategically pairing partner and volunteer resources with school needs and increase the capacity of schools to function in absence of “fair” funding formula.

Since graduating from University of Maryland, Devon has taken a skills-based approach to his career that has exposed him to various sectors and service areas. His first “real job” after college was a Field Organizer position with the Mark Winston Griffith Campaign for New York City Council ‘09, where he later took on greater responsibility as Deputy Lead in Field and Communications.

Now, having completed a year of national service through AmeriCorps *VISTA as a Strategic Partnerships Coordinator at the School District of Philadelphia and renewed his commitment to a career path in public service, he stands ready to tackle existing and emerging social problems that arise from civic life. In particular, Devon is interested in exploring partnerships as a fully sustainable and scalable growth strategy for all mission-driven organizations.

With the help and support of the National Urban Fellows, his next goal will be to begin building bridges of understanding between today's decision makers and tomorrow's leaders. Leveraging our country’s increasingly robust social entrepreneurship infrastructure, he has pledged to empower the Millennial Generation find its voice in the marketplace, public institutions, and the political arena.