Often described as a young woman wise and accomplished beyond her years, Aziza Anderson is a world traveler and enthusiast of international education. Her fearless independence, determination, quest for knowledge and refusal to accept the status quo has accelerated Aziza from a proud Bronxite to a global citizen living, studying, exploring and serving in five continents while attracting the attention of former President Clinton and international institutions alike.

Aziza’s innovative leadership and ability to make rapid yet efficient decisions in an ever-changing environment while prioritizing the needs of both the students and administrators lead to her most recent promotion as Site Coordinator for Kaplan’s K12 division in NYC and NJ public and non public schools. Her role as an on-site liaison includes communication between the school administrators, Department of Education and Kaplan instructors.

Aziza is ecstatic and honored to represent the Class of 2016 National Urban Fellows and CUNY Baruch’s top rated MPA program. She is confident that through this fellowship she will experience growth and mold into a stronger academic and professional leader, so in return she may continue to tenaciously contribute through action the importance of educational development and global citizenship gaps faced by boys and young men of color (BYMOC), with the federal My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative.