Arleen Rosario is an ambitious, driven individual who has dedicated over five years to working in the public sector.  Prior to being selected as a National Urban Fellow, she served as a Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL). During her time at NYSDOL, Arleen played an instrumental role in creating an initiative that aimed to lower unemployment rates as well as boost workforce development in Latino communities in NYS. This initiative established a partnership between NYSDOL and consulates from seven Latin-American countries, including Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic.

Before her tenure as Special Assistant, Arleen worked for the New York State (NYS) Legislature and quickly rose up the ranks of her District Office. She was ultimately entrusted with the responsibility of allocating over $250,000 to Community Block Organizations and directed the planning, budgeting, marketing, and operations of a number of community events, such as the Annual Bronx Unity Day which attracts over 300 attendees and host 50 multi-cultural vendors annually.  

Arleen graduated from the University at Buffalo (SUNY) with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and a minor in Latino Studies.  While an undergraduate, she attended the University of Salamanca in Spain and the Mother and Teacher Pontifical Catholic University in the Dominican Republic.   Recently, Arleen joined the National Urban Fellows program and hopes to work on creating logical solutions to promote positive relations between governments and the communities they serve.

Arleen completed her mentorship at the California Endowment Foundation, where she worked on the Boys and Men of Color Places initiatives.  Arleen worked in conjunction with the National Executive Alliance and California Executive Alliance to build and leverage opportunities for boys and men of color. She is also is working on developing grants that can help better align racial equity across communities in California.