Strolling through the urban complex of Washington Heights and Harlem, Anthony De La Rosa grew up believing the notion that action speaks louder than words. He carried the whole "I can show you better than Ican tell you" mantra. Over the past year, He has learned to see the limitations bounded by this belief. We are all multi-layered individuals and we all process information differently. Being that we are multi-faceted, the fashion that we intake information varies as well. Because of this, we must learn to express ourselves in a way that our counterparts can understand. This is Mr. De La Rosa's work in progress.

Mr. De La Rosa currently serves as the Youth Program Manager at the Arab-American Family Support Center. He oversees a comprehensive youth program promoting the academic, social,and emotional development of approximately 90 students ranging from elementary to high school and supervises five line staff. When Anthony was hired as the youth program coordinator at the Arab-American Family Support Center, his supervisor expressed that he has great ideas, but wished that he vocalized them more. One thing he took away from that conversation was that a leader displays comfort in uncomfortable  situations.

In the summer of 2015, Anthony enrolled in a weeklong certification at the Teachers College in Columbia University for the Summer Institute in Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to hone his skills in improving the overall quality of the youth program and become certified in trauma informed program support. As a result, Mr. De La Rosa improved the youth moving on to the next grade by 35% and was invited as the guest speaker at Global Kids Youth Conference on Immigration and  Migration.

Anthony De La Rosa obtained a bachelor's degree in sociology from the City College of New York. He has pursued a career in youth development over the last 8 years. Prior to working for AAFSC, he worked in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program in Grand Street Settlement, provided academic support at Champion Learning Center and 1-0n-1Academic Tutors, as well as Urban Scholars at City College of New York. Throughout his career, he has focused on providing a holistic approach in the development of our youth.

Anthony De La Rosa is a product of after school programs and is a living example of the impact it can have on the youth. As a National Urban Fellow, Mr. De La Rosa will continue to learn how to share his ideas for impact to better support his clients and colleagues in the social service sector alongside his cohort change makers.