A Miami native and Ivy League trained engineer, Adam Ganuza’s wide berth of experience covers the range of science, technology, arts and culture. Since 2008 he has served as a patient advocate fighting insurance companies to defend geriatric and indigent individuals; a film and television producer bringing teams of conflicting personalities together to get projects “in the can;” a director of a non-profit cultural presenter using the arts to connect people to place; and an educator teaching small groups and individuals the universal languages of math and science.

Mr. Ganuza graduated from Brown University and joined the materials science department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he earned a Master’s of Science degree based on original research. After graduation in 2008, driven in part by the specter of the Great Recession, he recalibrated his career path. As a patient advocate, compliance officer and, later, administrator for a group of family-owned and operated health care businesses, Mr. Ganuza fought in the interest of the clinic’s 500 plus patients. In 2009, he saved those patients from over $2m worth of payments.

A life-long cinephile, Mr. Ganuza took advantage of the wave of big budget television and film productions flowing into Florida due to tax incentives and began exploring the world behind the scenes. Working primarily in “Locations,” Adam leveraged his local knowledge and ability to balance multiple, sometimes competing, interests to liaise between out-of-state production companies and the local businesses, homes, public spaces, etc. used in shooting.